Making remote visual access easier, safer and more cost effective.

Unpiloted aerial drone systems have opened up the world of remote visual access.  Difficult, dangerous or awkward areas can now be viewed easily and safely, and viewed in real time from the ground. Giving participants and clients the chance to input into the live stream allows for greater detail to be captured on the initial flight

High level inspections done in real time with 4K livestream at 60FPS, Fascia and parapet inspections, roof surveys, chimney inspections, gutter maintenance, HVAC monitoring, high level safety system checks, etc. carried out with easy terms. Recorded data can be provided in a number of ways depending on your needs.

Pre construction surveys/checks and continuous site progress monitoring/recording.

Pre sale property surveying for building location awareness/marketing.

Environmentally friendly Thermal heat loss surveys carried out on a Per Building basis.

Geotagging, and land surveying. Field surveys, drainage monitoring, damage limitation monitoring, horticultural record keeping/archiving, land use and impact monitoring.

Avian pest awareness and monitoring. Pest explorations and surveys for control planning.

Wide ranging or long distance observations and patrols can be performed on an individual 'Route by Route' method or a structured time scale.

Easy and friendly way to get the remote access you need.



UAV's Lost!


We offer a wide and very adaptable range of services and can usually accommodate a personal touch while being professional and discreet. With many years working in the construction industry and providing high level solutions to a varied client base we have the knowledge and the experience to offer quality results first time.

Land Data

From general land and drainage inspections to geophysical measuring using GPS coordinates and advanced Geolocation tools to ensure pinpoint precision.

Point and fly measurements can be easily taken for many purposes and Lidar can add to the topographical detail if required.

Geotagging, Geolocating and boundary reading/measuring.

Land footage for personal/private use, aerial photography for personal use or public merchandising. Events covered.

High Level
Dangerous to Access

High level and inaccessible areas surveyed with 2K cameras providing 30FPS link to the ground for high detail live viewing. 

Roof inspections, HVAC Inspections, Structural Integrity checks, Adverse weather inspection, Insurance damage evidence collection.

General roof maintenance and routine inspections. Gutters and roof drains, downspouts and watercourses, roof lights and ridge tiles, Lightning straps. Pest awareness and control. Avian infestations inspected, anti pest measures and pigeon netting/spike inspections.



Environmental Energy Loss

High efficiency thermal imaging for energy conservation and carbon footprint awareness. Zero emission surveys to all kinds of buildings. 

HVAC temperature monitoring/ testing at regular intervals or as requested

Energy/heat loss tracing in any field where thermal imaging may be sufficient to find a source e.g. Power lines, heat pump transfers, heated data cables, underground power sources.



Any questions feel free to ask. Personalising Remote Aerial Access and Drones in the UK.

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